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Welcome to the Daily Bible Promise. Our mission is to provide you with a daily promise from the word of God.

So how can you get it? Of course you can just visit this site every day but one of the three options below might be better for you:

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Twitter? What is that?!? Twitter is a microbloging service what allows you to publish short 140 character messages to friends and followers. Once on Twitter, you can “follow” people and receive messages from them. And that is where Daily Bible Promise, or @dailybible, comes in. Each days verse will be posted on Twitter for you to read and be blessed by.

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Another option to receive the Daily Bible Promise is via RSS, or an RSS feed, a simple technology that allows you to subscribe to updates from a site. Those updates can be read in a reader like Bloglines, Outlook and others. Many sites provide RSS feeds including CNN.com, New York Times, and BBC News.

So if RSS is your thing, all you need to do is subscribe to the Daily Bible Promise RSS feed and you are done. Each day, we will open up the feed and insert a little bit of encouragement and promise from the word of God.

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If none of the above options work for you, you can always subscribe via email. Just enter your email address below and you will get a daily message. (We will never use your email address to spam you!)

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